Microblading Worrior Women With Alopecia.

I recently met Amanda and was honored to microblade her eyebrows. She’s had microblading done years ago by another artist, that begin to turn red and fade over time. So my goal was to cover her old microblading, and to give her new eyebrows that looked as natural as possible. 

While microblading Amanda’s eyebrows, we spoke about life, love, food and so many other things that we’ve experienced. I learned more about Amanda’s life long journey with Alopecia. Here’s what Amanda had to say... 

Amanda: “I’ve had Alopecia since the age of 5. After the first bald patch was discovered my eyebrows vanished. Consistently falling out and growing in. Alopecia has taken me on quite an adventure in last 25 years. I now accept my hair loss but not having eyebrows is something I have always struggled with. Brows frame your face! I normally spend 30 minutes sketching; trying to create the “perfect” brows which gave me anxiety. Microblading saves time and now I have less stress. I can swim, go to the gym, run to the store or have a last minute wardrobe change without fear of removing my brows. Thank you Krystal for giving me some of my confidence back.”

I feel extremely blessed to have met so many amazing women, including Amanda, that are so resilient. I’ve gotten the opportunity to work with women that are recovering from or have survived cancer. Women that have alopecia and women with other illnesses that lead to hair loss. Being able to help these women, by restoring some of their confidence, has changed my life drastically. 💙

Founder: Krystal Cummings